Lead Generation for Business

This course in Lead generation teaches how to create Landing pages & Micro sites to generate good quality & targeted leads. It also teaches you how to do A/B Testing through different versions of the same landing page. 

Basics of Lead Generation & Sales funnel

Understanding Lead Generation for Business
Importance of Lead Generation
Understanding Lead nurturing and Lead Funnel
How to carry out Lead nurturing
Converting Leads into Sales
Understanding Lead Funnel
Steps in Lead nurturing

Landing Pages

Understanding Landing Pages
Landing Page versus Websites
Best Practices to create a Landing Page
Understanding Thank you Page
Best Practices to create a Thank-you page
How ROI is calculated through Landing Page

A/B Testing and Hands-on Experience

Understanding A/B Testing and using it
Selecting Landing Pages after A/B Testing
Create a LIVE landing page and Thank you Page
Assignment- Landing Page & Thank you Page


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