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Mobile Development

Gurgaon based agency specialized in developing App on Android, iOS, & Windows platform. We truly believe in ‘collaborative development’ and work with you to determine the optimal solution within your budget.

Today, around the globe, People are using mobile Apps to perform day to day work – whether that’s at work, at home or in between. With these mobile devices, mobile Apps are creating disruptive business models at lightning speed.

To be competitive and to be agile, organizations need to be on mobile and they need to do it very fast: we believe it’s time to adapt or perish. And, that’s where Ethical SEO comes in. Our teams experience enable us to deliver fully integrated mobile solutions across all major platforms including Android, iOS, & Windows phone. Our Mobile App specialists help businesses to transform their customers experience by creating radically new mobile experience. Across industries we help ambitious organizations get mobile ready and agile fast.

UX/UI Design

Great functionality should be complemented with a great design to create WOW moments for the end user. At Ethical SEO, our team has extensive experience in UX & UI design and with our expertise we perfect the usability flow in your App and you will be able to experience the your brand throughout the app, from logo to individual menu buttons. 

iOS Application Development

Since its release in 2007, iOS has transformed the smartphone market. Over the time, millions of people are using iOS and it has changed the way people communicate. Our team has successfully built many custom-made iPhone and iPad apps. We completely understand iOS, screen sizes, UX/UI design and technical features and ensure that app meets Apple's stringent review mechanism.

Android Application Development

Google’s Android which runs 69% of all the smartphones, is the leader in the ‘Battle of the Operating Systems’. The Open ecosystem has done wonders for Google and getting an Application developed on Android, can also do wonders for your business by providing you a chance to tap this huge market. At Ethical SEO, we love the Android platform and are dedicated to utilize all its functionalities to create great custom-made apps. We make sure to use latest Android technologies and develop app which are optimized for the hundreds of varying devices and screen sizes.

Windows Application Development

With the buyout of Nokia by Microsoft, windows phone are back and doing well in the market and Windows platform is gaining market share.  At Ethical SEO, your windows app is in the hands of the experts. Over the time, we have learnt the best practice for Windows UX/UI design. With the launch of windows 10, with just one API set, it easier than ever to develop Windows app to reach all Windows 10 devices – PCs, tablets, phones, and more. So, build Windows apps now.

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