PPC SEM & Online Advertising

This course teaches you SEM and PPC which together forms Online Advertising wherein we teach you Tools such Google Adwords, Yahoo Ads, Bing Ads and we also prepare you for Google Adwords Certification exam to become a Google certified Adwords & Digital Marketing Professional


PPC & SEM Basics

What do inorganic search results mean and why are they important
Understanding PPC advertising: Tips and Tricks
How to set up Google Adwords account and grasping its essence
Adwords account structure Campaign, Ad groups, Ads, Keywords
Different types of advertisement campaigns
Adwords Algorithm – what is adword rank & how it ranks
Basics of Quality Score
Click-through rate (CTR): Importance for online advertising
Tips for bidding: building competency

Campaign creation & Management

How to place online advertisements
Target Search engine queries
Matching the right keywords
Basics of Campaign Level Setting
How to implement location targeting
CPC- the core of bidding strategy for right target audience
Bidding strategies: Manual and Auto
CPA: Optimal Way for Online Advertising
How to keep your bid strategy flexible
Ad Extensions: Location, Call and Sitelink Extensions
Creating Ads: How to advertise Online with a compelling ad copy
Single ad group model (SKAG)
Creating your first search campaign live
Understanding the ad matrics
How to play with display & destination URLs
How to write a compelling ad copy

Tracking ROI

Importance of conversion tracking
How to set up a conversion tracking
Evaluating the statistics
Adding tracking code

Optimizing Search Campaigns

How to optimize your first campaign
Importance to CTR in optimization
How to increase the quality score
How to optimize CPC
Display network targeting
Searching for keywords that convert to sales
How to increase bids for best performing keywords
Search query report
Excluding user locations
Use of review extensions
Call-to-action Ad copies
Results for mobile devices with full browsers vs. computers and tablets
Evaluation of Ad Campaign Statistics
Analyzing competitor’s performance
Investigation Fraud clicks

Display Campaign Creation

Different types of display campaigning and their target audience
Engagement and re-marketing
Creation of different Ad Groups
Ad-scheduling and delivery
Use of display planner tool
Organising text ads
Uploading banner ads


What is remarketing
Setting up an account of remarketing
Tailored ads and bring back indecisive customers adding custom parameters,
Creating a feed and delivering customized, higher-performance ads.
Advance list creation
Overview of my client centre

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