Certification in Search engine optimization

The certification in search engine optimization will enable you with everything, you need to know to create search campaigns from SEO to PPC and Google analytics. The highest percentage of users that is over 90% rely on search engine results to find what they want.

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The Introduction to Search Engine Marketing Module explains about the key concepts and terminologies involved. We will help you to the core search elements, including identifying keywords, search engine optimization, advertising including display and pay per click, analytics, how to drive targeted traffic to the website and hand how to convert them in measurable outcomes.

SEO - Initiation

The SEO Setup Module introduces key concepts and terminologies usually used in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and help you to develop the skills and the knowledge required to implement the SEO in technical and effective way. This module includes concepts like information architecture, tags, metatags, description, bots, sitemaps and links and common error of SEO.

SEO-Content Creation

The SEO Content module enables you to understand technical aspects of on-page optimization and relevance of content with reference to optimization. This module also touches the role of content in organic search and relevant content can attract higher attention. The participants will also learn about ALT-tags, file name & URL choices, link building techniques and link popularity tools. The module will also discuss privacy and data protection w.r.t. to the different aspects of SEO.

SEO - Hands On

The SEO Module is a hands on format which focuses on practical knowledge of the participants and share range of exercises from the practice and implementation purpose. Apart from regular trainings we help participants to design & promote their own site by implementing the SEO strategy they have learned in the classroom sessions. Participants also carry a detailed audit of the site to figure out what is working in terms of on-site & off-site optimization.

Pay-per-click Advertising-Search

The Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Advertising module introduces the most widely used and fundamental concepts of the Pay-Par-Click advertising. This module will help participants to set up an AdWords account, understand the AdWords hierarchy & interact with the AdWords interface. In this module we will introduce the bidding concept for keyword, AdWords Keyword Planner to research keywords, how to perform location and language based targeting to run local advertising campaigns.

PPC Advertising - Display Networks   

The Pay-Per-Click Display Networks module explains performance indicators for campaigns, including Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Conversion Rate and Click-Through-Rate (CTR) along with the concept of the Quality Score. Participants are also taught to target different customers in order to develop brand awareness and conversions. At the end of the module, participants will learn to measure to measure and analyze the effectiveness of campaigns by creating detailed campaign management reports.


The Analytics Initiation module introduces the concept of how to measure, monitor and optimize digital marketing campaigns. The module explains the participants to create an account and set up goals, how to generate tracking codes and reporting formats. This module also helps in to understand the reports, how to measure the performance of the website, how web analytics measure digital marketing effectiveness, range of features and capabilities provided in Analytics.

Analytics-on Ground

In the Analytics module, the focus is more on the technical aspects of the analytics. Participants learn the concept of filters and generate suitable reports, how the reports can be generated for different domains and sub domains and segmentation techniques. During this module, Participants learn how to analyze AdWords campaigns and how to apply campaign attribution and tagging. The participants also get knowledge about the reporting features.  

Strategy & Planning

TO create a comprehensive search marketing plan strategy and planning module brings together all the elements of the certification in Search Marketing. This module includes technical aspects like SEO audit of the website, Pay-Per-Click campaigns review and analytics reporting. During this module we also help to define a comprehensive, specific and actionable plan that includes deliverables, milestones and resources.