Website Planning and Development

This course teaches you basics about website planning, development & management, a wireframe tool and a CMS using Wordpress along with few handy tools to manage and track performance of your website

Web Development Basics

Understanding websites, domain names and extensions
Web servers & Web hosting, Different Types of Web server
Integrating web performance and functionality
Different types of websites- web, mobile, responsive, parallax, static & dynamic (Based
on Functionality and Based on Purpose)

Website planning and Conceptualization

Deciding on number of pages required
Planning for Engagement options
Creating blueprint of every webpage
Best & Worst Examples
Identifying objective of website

Website Designing Tools and Technologies

Website Wireframes
Contemporary website designing
clutter-breaking User Interface (UI) & User Interface (UX)
Conversion Optimized Website Designs

Building a website using CMS in Class

Booking a domain name & webhosting
Adding domain name to web server
Adding webpages & content
Adding plugins

Top Tools to Evaluating the website

User Task Analysis
Site Navigability
Website Speed
User Experience


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